Symposium on Cloud Computing & Data Centers (CSCI-ISCC)

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Scope & Topics

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following
   Cloud Computing:
      - Big Data Management on Cloud
      - SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS
      - SOA and Cloud Computing
      - Green Information Technologies
      - Application Portability
      - Cloud Scalability
      - Cloud Management and Databases
      - Use of Cloud for High-performance Computing
      - Cloudsourcing
      - Cloud Interoperability
      - Web-scale Computing
      - Data Encryption
      - DevOps and Cloud Computing
      - Heterogeneous Clouds
      - Migrating to the Cloud: Experiences and Methodologies
      - Virtual Private Inter-Cloud
      - Cloud Reliability and Secure Cloud Computing
      - Cloud Automation and Mobility
      - Cloud Policies and Compliance
      - Cloud Federation
      - Consumption-based Billing
      - Cloud Serviceability and Architecture
      - Cloud Computing and SMBs
      - Cloud Applications
      - Enterprise Cloud Orchestration
      - Fabric Computing
      - Cloud Computing Development (IDEs, Methodologies, ...)
   Data Centers:
      - Data Center Design and Construction
      - Enterprise Data Storage Strategies
      - Server Virtualization
      - Data Center Outsourcing Services
      - Data Center Governance Strategies
      - Mainframe Migration Methods
      - Mainframe Management Strategies
      - Data Center Storage and Networking
      - SDN and other Network Strategies
      - Co-location, Hosting and Outsourcing Management
      - Data Center Security
      - Data Center Backup Strategies
      - Server Infrastructures and Technologies and Trends
      - Infrastructure Management and Planning
      - Mainframe Disaster Recovery
      - Mainframe Operating Systems
      - Compliance Issues
      - Blade Servers and other Similar Technologies
      - Data Center Energy Efficiency Methods
      - Data Center Task Scheduling & Methods Including
        Load Management
      - Infrastructure Convergence
      - Efficient Archiving
      - Application Performance Management
      - Data Center Storage
      - Data Center Networking
      - Hardware Strategies
      - Capacity Planning
      - Hardware Virtualization, Operating-system-level
        Virtualization, and Containers
      - Managing Data Center Scalability
      - Best Practices for Data Center Operations
      - Data Center Budget Management
      - Data Center Services
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