CSCI'18 Schedules

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    • To download a copy f the Book of Abstracts in pdf Click here  
Note that the title of papers, authors' names, and the abstracts that appear in this "Book of Abstracts" were extracted from the papers that were submitted to the EVALUATION web site. The official published proceedings/book will have any and all changes/revisions that the authors may have done to the title and/or authors lists in the final version of their manuscripts.
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Wednesday - Dec 12 (04:00pm - 07:00pm) | Registration

Conference Registration Desk will be open on Wednesday, Dec 12 (4:00pm-7:00pm) and Dec 13-15 (daily from 7:00am to 5:00pm). Conference Registration Desk is located in the Lotus Ballroom 1.

Thursday - Dec 13  Schedule |  Click here File 

Friday - Dec 14 Schedule |  Click here File

Saturday - Dec 15 Schedule |  Click here File

 Important Notes:
    • Opening Remarks: Thursday  Dec 13 (8:30am-8:50am) Galleria B-C
    • Keynote LecturesThursday Dec 13 (8:50am-10:10am) Galleria B-C
    • Breakout Sessions: Thursday Dec 13 - Saturday Dec 15, Galleria A, B, & C
    • Poster/Discussion Sessions: Thursday Dec 13 - Saturday Dec 15, Lotus Ballroom 1
    • Reception Dinner / Social: Friday Dec 14 (07:00pm - 9:00pmEgyptian Ballroom