Symposium on Software Engineering (CSCI-ISSE)

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All accepted papers of this symposium will be published by Conference Publishing Services, CPS: as part of the proceedings of The 2018 International Conference on Computational Science and Computational Intelligence (CSCI'18).

 Past conference proceedings can be accessed via IEEE Xplore Digital Library at:


You are invited to Submit a Paper for Consideration. Submissions are to be uploaded to the Evaluation Web site portal at:

Scope & Topics

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following:

   - Software Architectures
   - Software Design and Design Patterns
   - Architectural Analysis and Verifications Methods
   - Enterprise Software, Middleware, and Tools
   - Software Reliability, Safety and Security Methods
   - Software Reuse and Component-Based Software Engineering
   - UML/MDA and AADL
   - Agile Software Engineering and Development
   - Object Oriented Technology (Design and Analysis)
   - Software Metrics
   - Software Assurance and Dependability
   - Reverse and Architectural Recovery Methods
   - Domain Specific Software Engineering
   - Aerospace Software and System Engineering
   - Survivable Systems
   - Engineering of Safety/Mission Critical Systems
   - Software Testing, Evaluation and Analysis Technologies
   - Workflow Management - Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW)
   - Project Management Issues
   - Real-time Embedded Software Engineering
   - Theoretic Approaches (Formal Methods, Graph, ...)
   - Domain Modeling and Meta-modeling
   - Software Maintenance and Evolution
   - Component Based Software Engineering
   - Software Engineering Standards and Guidelines
   - Intelligent CASE Tools and Eclipse Plug-ins Issues
   - Usability Engineering
   - Novel Software Tools and Environments
   - Pervasive Software Engineering
   - Requirement Engineering and Processes
   - Critical and Embedded Software Design
   - Service Oriented Software Architectures
   - Service Oriented Requirements Engineering
   - Middleware for Service Based Systems
   - Software Product Lines
   - Semantic Web
   - Human Computer Interaction and Usability Engineering
   - Model Based Software Engineering
   - Aspect Oriented Software Engineering
   - Agent Architectures, Ontologies, Languages and Protocols
   - Multi-Agent Systems, Mobile Agents
   - E-Commerce Solutions and Applications
   - Programming Languages and Compilers
   - Autonomic Computing and Adaptive Systems
   - Measurement and Empirical Software Engineering
   - Tutoring, Documentation Systems
   - Web-Based Tools, Applications and Environment
   - Web and Text Mining
   - Case Studies and Emerging Technologies
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