Symposium on Smart Cities & Smart Mobility (CSCI-ISSC)

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All accepted papers of this symposium will be published by Conference Publishing Services, CPS: as part of the proceedings of The 2018 International Conference on Computational Science and Computational Intelligence (CSCI'18).

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Scope & Topics

   A smart city utilizes different types and different kinds of electronic
   data collection sensors to supply information which is used to manage
   assets and optimize the use of resources for the good of citizens.
   Typically, data is collected from devices and assets that is analyzed
   to monitor and manage transportation systems, power grids, water supply
   networks, waste management, law enforcement, information systems,
   schools, libraries, hospitals, and other services. An important component
   of a smart city infrastructure is smart mobility. Smart Mobility focuses
   mainly on challenges that relate to transportation. Some consider a
   successful Smart Mobility framework to offer modes of transportation
   alongside or even instead of personal gas-powered vehicles. Considering
   the above broad description, the topical scope of CSCI-ISSC is given below.
   The list of topics is by no means meant to be exhaustive.
   Smart Cities:
   - Algorithms
   - City Infrastructures
   - Communication Frameworks
   - Big Data Analytics
   - Health care
   - Security
   - Internet of Things
   - Smart Grid
   - Inclusive and Sharing Cities
   - Sustainable Buildings
   - Efficient Energy utilization
   - Video Monitoring Systems
   - Automation, Robotics, and Control
   - Applications
   Smart Mobility:
   - Methodologies that help keep cities moving
   - Traffic Management and Engineering
   - Smart Public Transportation
   - Self-Driving Vehicles
   - Communication Logistics
   - Parking Management Systems
   - Cyber-Physical systems and Devices
   - Economy of Smart Mobility
   - Governance of Smart Mobility
   - Cloud Computing Utilization
   - Coordination Strategies
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