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Nobel Prize awarded to LIGO Founders

Congratulations to the LIGO team (Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory: It was just announced (October 3, 2017) that LIGO founders have been awarded The Nobel Prize in Physics: Barry C. Barish (Caltech), Kip S. Thorne (Caltech), and Rainer Weiss (MIT).

         CSCI2016 photo                CSCI'16 - from Left, Dr. L.  Deligiannidis,  Dr. Erik Katsavounidis, &  Dr. Hamid R. Arabnia.

The Featured Keynote presented at last year's CSCI conference (2016) was delivered by Dr. Erik Katsavounidis ( who is a member of the LIGO team at MIT under the leadership of Dr. Rainer Weiss. We extend our congratulations to Dr. Erik Katsavounidis. It is interesting to note that during the Q & A of Erik's keynote (which was very well attended), the Chair of the Steering Committee of CSCI 2016 mentioned his prediction that the LIGO team will win the Nobel Prize in Physics; well, the team won the Nobel Prize.   

Congratulations to MIT and Caltech.