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All accepted papers of all symposiums will be published by Conference Publishing Services, CPS: as part of the proceedings of The 2017 International Conference on Computational Science and Computational Intelligence (CSCI'17).

Past year's CSCI proceedings are indexed into IEEE Xplore Digital Library and can be accessed via:


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to the following

    • Intelligent Systems for IoT
    • Environmental Monitoring
    • Energy Aware Systems and Efficiency
    • Machine to Machine/Device Communications
    • Network Design and Architecture
    • Networking and Communication Protocols
    • Wireless Systems and Applications
    • Infrastructure Management
    • IoT and e-Government, e-Commerce, e-Science and Novel Technologies
    • IoT and Big Data
    • Home Automation
    • Software Architecture, Middleware, and Frameworks
    • Services Computing
    • Health Informatics as a Service
    • Financial Software as a Service
    • Business Process as a Service
    • Natural Science as a Service
    • Integration as a Service
    • Large Scale Deployments
    • Mobile Services
    • Knowledge Management
    • Location-awareness
    • Security and Privacy
    • Social Implications of IoT
    • Technological focus for Smart Environments
    • Smart City Case Studies
    • Data Analysis and Visualization
    • Architecture for secure and interactive IoT
    • Intelligent Infrastructure and Guidance Systems
    • Sensor Networks, Remote Diagnosis and Development
    • Transportation Management
    • Pattern Recognition and Recommendation Systems
    • Green Computing
    • Smart City and Novel Methodologies
    • Data Processing Techniques
    • Analytics and Statistical Methods
    • Data Center Enabled Technologies
    • Sensor, Wireless Technologies and APIs
    • Networking and Social Networks
    • IoT in Social Sciences
    • Education and Learning
    • Business, Finance and Management
    • Open data: Issues, Services and Solutions
    • Earth Science Simulation and Processing
    • Practical Adoption of IoT and Case Studies
    • Healthcare Services and Health Informatics
    • Cloud, Grid and Cluster Computing
    • Emerging IoT
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