CSCE'20 Registration

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Online registration is now open.


The registration fees are set at the Academia Rate as shown below:
Authors *:
Full Time Student:       $550.00 **
Non-Student:              $650.00 **


* In order to have paper(s) published, at least one author for each accepted paper is required to register before the announced deadline. If more than one author plan to attend the conference, then each author is required to register.

** Authors with more than one accepted paper must pay an "Extra Paper/Publication Charge" of $495.00 for each extra paper. For example, the fee for one author attending with two accepted papers would be: 650.00 + 495.00 (or 550.00 + 495.00 in the case of a full-time student).

General Attendee/Non-author Participants :
Full Time Student:       $550.00 
Non-Student:              $650.00


Payment Methods


Online cc.jpg



By Mail **


** Those who are registering by postal mail are to send their completed/filled registration form together with their payment/fee to:
14215 Via Michelangelo
San Diego, CA 92129
Payments should be in US Dollars and made payable to “CSREA”.


Registration Fee Covers:

            • For Authors/Speakers/… who DO NOT physically attend the congress:

The registration fees cover the publication of their accepted paper(s).

(Note: The actual cost of publishing a paper is more than the registration fee; the cost difference is covered by the fees collected from General Attendees – Therefore, in actuality, the authors are being subsidized. The cost of publishing a paper includes: pre-processing, post-processing, workflow software/servers, limited language correction and editing, limited formatting, limited plagiarism detection process &  subsequent actions in cases of violations that are deemed to be purposeful, staff who support the editorial procedures, helping authors who need guidance in obtaining permission for some copyrighted materials, staff who manage the timely delivery of article proofs, infrastructure & organizational publication matters,…)

            • For Authors/Speakers/General attendees/… who DO physically attend the congress:

The registration fees cover the publication of accepted papers; Access to the conference materials; Conference Program books; conference reception meal; continental breakfasts (coffee/tea, muffin, etc.); refreshment breaks; access to all sessions, panel discussions, keynotes/Invited lectures; miscellaneous conference materials; programs for professional networking (social distancing will be observed.)


Terms  & Conditions

      • All Payments must be in U.S. Dollars. All checks from banks outside the United States should be cashable at a branch of that bank in the United States or at any US bank.
      • Authors of papers must register and upload their correctly typeset papers to the publication web site by the announced deadlines, if they wish for their papers to be published.
      • Authors with more than one paper must pay an "Extra Publication Charge" of $495.00 for each additional paper.
      • Student rate attendees must have a letter from their Department Head/Chair/Professor that states that the attendee is a full time student. This letter is to be emailed to   by the registration deadline.
      • Registration packets will be available for pick up at the conference registration desk in Las Vegas on Sunday, July 26, 2020 (3:00pm-6:00pm) and July 27-30, 2020 (daily from 7:00am to 5:00pm). Proof of payment (email confirmation) should be presented to pick up packets.
      • Refund Policy: Paid registrants (non-authors) who cannot attend, and do not send a substitute, are entitled to a refund of $200.00 if a request is received in writing on or before June 08, 2020. Registrants are liable for their full fees after that date (i.e., NO Refund will be made). There will be no refunds to authors of papers (since authors' fees are used to cover the publication costs of authors' own papers.)

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