CSCE'20 Program

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Due to challenges with the Coronavirus pandemic, authors and speakers were given the following options: (a) Not presenting; (b) Providing pre-recorded presentations; and (c) Presenting online via ZOOM. All online/ZOOM presentations are scheduled in Ballroom Galleria D-E. The online/ZOOM sessions are identified as such in this program. The ZOOM links will be provided to all registered attendees before the conference (around July 20, 2020). Due to different time-zones and time differences (globally), there are no BREAKs in the ZOOM sessions. The ZOOM sessions will have BOTH, virtual AND on-site attendees. These presentations will be projected on to a large screen for the benefit of on-site audience (with amplified audio). Speakers can (if they wish) ZOOM RECORD their own presentations and provide a URL/web address to the congress ( - we would then provide the URL to others AFTER the congress (during the month of August).

  • To download a copy of the Schedule Booklet in .pdf Click Here  (current as of 07/23/2020)
  • To download a copy of the Schedule Booklet in .doc Click Here word doc icon (current as of 07/23/2020
  • To download a copy of the Book of Abstract  in .pdf Click Here  (current as of 07/23/2020)
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    To prepare the congress program/schedule, the title of all papers, authors names, affiliations were extracted from the meta-data of the draft paper submissions (manuscripts submitted by the authors for evaluation). Any changes to the titles of the papers, authors names, affiliations, ... are not reflected in this program. The FINAL versions of the papers (uploaded to the publication portal) will have the correct information.Conference Program is not yet available. 


    LOCATION: Lotus Ballrooms 1
    July 26 (Sunday): 05:00pm - 07:00pm
    July 27 (Monday): 07:30am - 05:00pm
    July 28 (Tuesday): 07:30am - 05:00pm



    LOCATION: Lotus Ballrooms 1
    July 27 (Monday): 07:30am - 08:30am
    July 28 (Tuesday): 07:30am - 08:30am 



     LOCATION: Velvet Room Blue
    July 27 (Monday): 07:30pm - 10:00pm



     LOCATION: Lotus Ballrooms 1
    July 27 (Monday): 10:20am - 10:40am
    July 27 (Monday): 03:00pm - 03:40pm
    July 28 (Monday): 10:20am - 10:40am
    July 28 (Monday): 03:00pm - 03:40pm



    Informal panel discussions can be arranged on-site at the congress (this will be discussed with the attendees on July 27 - the logistics will be managed as a team).