Non-Attendance Policy

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In case of hesitation by some authors/speakers to travel during Year 2020 (due to Coronavirus/COVID-19), the CSCE Steering Committee has developed the following policy for Non-Attendance. Having said the above, based on a survey conducted recently, we still anticipate that all (or the vast majority) of speakers/authors to physically attend the CSCE 2020 Congress in July.

The CSCE 2020 Congress (and its associated joint conferences) will NOT be cancelled for the July 27-30 annual event. The current view by all relevant US government agencies is that large gatherings during summer 2020 can go ahead as planned.

With the above in mind, the Steering Committee of CSCE 2020 has approved the following - Logistics and information for speakers/authors:

If an author of an accepted paper registers for the conference but for some reason he/she is unable to attend the conference:

The paper of the registered author would still be published and arrangements would be made for the published proceedings/books to be made available to the author after the conference. Therefore, for Year 2020, the non-attendance by the author would not negatively impact the publication of his/her paper. However, by no later than June 20, the registered author is to inform the conference that he/she would not be able to attend the conference; this would help the program committee to manage the logistics of preparing the conference schedule.


Possible Remote Presentation

(For Year 2020, presentation is NOT necessary for the publication of papers)


If a registered author cannot physically attend the conference but he/she still wishes to present his/her paper "remotely", then we would arrange for one of the following two options:

Option -  Non-interactive presentation/lecture:

The author would provide his/her presentation to the congress via an FTP web link (presentation video) as well as the powerpoint slides. We would then make the video presentation available on the CSCE 2020 web site (unless the speaker requests otherwise) and also we would play the presentation video in a relevant session during the conference (such presentations should NOT be more than 19 minutes long). We have done this a few times in the past and it has worked very well.

Option 2 - Interactive presentation/lecture:

The author presents his/her talk via Skype/Zoom/... In this case, the presentation should not go over 15 minutes (i.e., this would allow 4 additional minutes for Q&A). For this option, the conference cannot accept any liability for technical problems (such as: slow communication transmission, unexpected disconnection, ...).

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