Past Distinguished Speakers of the Congress Continued

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Prof. Barry Vercoe

Founding member of MIT Media Lab, MIT,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

(Inventor of Csound, the underlying language for MPEG-4)


Prof. Haym Hirsh

Dean, Computing & Information Science, Cornell University

(Pioneering contributions to Recommendation Systems)


Prof. Alfred Inselberg

Tel Aviv University, Israel & UCLA, USA

(Inventor of parallel coordinates; his work is praised by Stephen Hawking)

Prof. Rajkumar Buyya

Fellow, IEEE; Distinguished Professor;
University of Melbourne, Australia

(Pioneer in the area of Cloud Computing)


Dr. K. Eric Drexler

Chief Technical Advisor, Nanorex

(Founding Father of Nanotechnology)


Prof. Viktor K. Prasanna

Fellow: IEEE, ACM;
University of Southern California

(Pioneer in the area of Reconfigurable Systems)

Prof. Brian D. Athey

Co-Director, Michigan Institute for Data Science (MIDAS);
University of Michigan Medical School

(Pioneer in the area of Computational Medicine)

Diego Galar

Prof. Diego Galar

Lulea University, Sweden

(Known for contributions to Big Data Analytics for Manufacturing)

And over 190 other Invited, Keynote, and Tutorial speakers.

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