Keynote Lecture: Prof. Mudasser F. Wyne

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Prof. Mudasser F. Wyne

Changes in ABET Criteria: Are you prepared for the Accreditation Visit?

Prof. Mudasser F. Wyne
Professor of Computer Science, Department of Computer Science and
Information Systems, School of Engineering and Computing,
National University, San Diego, California, USA
Date and time: July 31, 2019 (Wednesday); 01:40pm - 02:40pm
LOCATION: Galleria D



ABET has recently revised criteria related to Student Outcomes (Program Learning Outcomes) and the criteria now requires programs to have these outcomes verbatim. The programs seeking ABET accreditation during and after 2019 will be affected by this change, including programs that have been accredited by ABET under previous criteria and are now going for reaccreditation. This change in requirement for Student Outcome also impacts other general and program specific criterion. The programs preparing for accreditation or reaccreditation are being exposed to a complex situation. The questions on their mind are “How to address this change?”, “What sections of the self-study questionnaire will be impacted by this change?”, “What ABET evaluators will be looking for during their visit?”. During this presentation I plan to address some of these un-answered questions.


Dr. Mudasser F. Wyne has a Ph.D. in Computer Science, M.Sc. in Engineering, and B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering. He is currently serving as a Professor of Computer Science and has served as a Chair for Department of Computer Science and Information Systems in the School of Engineering and Computing at the National University in San Diego, USA. Dr. Wyne has been serving in academics for over 34 years and has taught in 6 different countries. He has also been part of the DESY Group (Deutches Elecktronen Synchrotron), Hamburg Germany, as a research fellow, and worked with an MIT group, led by a Nobel laureate.

Dr. Wyne is associated with ABET since 2002 as certified program evaluator for BSCS and BSIS programs, in the past he has served as the Commissioner for the Computer Accreditation Commission (CAC), and chair of ABET Accreditation Visit team.

He served on numerous international Ph.D. Thesis committees, been a member of the editorial boards for 8 international journals, served as the Chair and Co-Chair for 14 international conferences, and served on more than 230 international conference program committees. He has been invited to several international conferences as Invited Speaker, chaired panel discussions and numerous international conference sessions. He has published number of articles in peer-reviewed international journals and conferences. He is a member of ACM, ASEE, ASEE/PSW and CSAB.

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