Tutorial: Andrew Johnston

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What's Yours is Mine: How Modern Attackers are Stealing Your Data

Andrew Johnston
Mandiant (Consultant)


     Date and time: July 30, 2019 (Tuesday); 06:00pm - 08:00pm
     LOCATION: Galleria B


This talk explores the state of modern cyberattack techniques against well-secured assets. Using examples gained from real-world compromises, modern attack techniques and tactics are explored with an emphasis how attackers evade technical defenses and law enforcement. We will also explore how advanced attack groups such as nation states evade "next-generation" defenses that utilize machine learning and anomaly detection. Although attackers are getting more sophisticated, recommendations for securing large organizations and personal systems will be presented and discussed.



Andrew Johnston is a proactive consultant with Mandiant, a division of FireEye. He utilizes real-world attacker tools and techniques to identify weaknesses in enterprise security to identify flaws before the attackers can find them. Prior to joining Mandiant, Andrew worked with the FBI in the Cyber and Counterterrorism divisions. Andrew has a Bachelor's degree from Fordham University in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics and is pursuing a Master's degree from Fordham University in Cybersecurity.

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