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The proceedings will be published in printed conference books (ISBN), imprinted by the American Council on Science and Education, and distributed/published by CSREA (Computer Science Research, Education, and Applications Press). The printed proceedings/books will be available for distribution on site at the conference. The proceedings will be made available online. For CSCE'18 Proceedings Click Here

The books will be indexed in science databases, including EBSCO (, one of the largest subject index systems, and others. ACM Digital Library is also including the titles into its database ( as well as ProQuest indexing database and others. ACM Digital Library entries for past proceedings:



In addition to the above, we have arranged a new book series (multiple books the series) with Springer publishers (Transactions of Computational Science and Computational Intelligence). After the conference (the process may take 12 to 18 months), a significant number of authors of accepted papers of our congress, will be given the opportunity to submit the extended version of their papers for publication consideration in these books. We anticipate having between 10 and 15 books a year in the book series. Each book in the series will be subject to Springer science indexing products (which includes: Scopus,; SCI Compendex, Engineering Village,; EMBASE,; and others). For a recent and a very small subset of the books (and journal special issues) that have been published based on the extended versions of many of our congress papers, Click here.

Citation Data



The books listed below include a very small subset of 94 books published based on this congress. These books mostly include the extended versions of papers published in our congress proceedings. Note that many of these books have received the top 25% downloads in their respective fields and many individual
papers have been identified as "Highly Accessed" by their respective publishers. Almost all books arranged by the congress (thanks to the members of the program committee and also the authors) have been published in multiple editions due to high demand by the research community and also by WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

Advances in Computational Biology (Springer)
13 editions published; held by 100 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

Software Tools and Algorithms for Biological Systems (Springer)
16 editions published; held by 90 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

Grid Technologies: emerging from distributed architectures to virtual organizations (WIT Press)
8 editions published; held by 71 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

Emerging trends in ICT security (Elsevier)
8 editions published; held by 28 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

Emerging Trends in Image processing, Computer Vision, and Pattern Recognition (Elsevier)
13 editions published; held by 26 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

Emerging Trends in Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, and Systems Biology: Algorithms and software tools (Elsevier)
13 editions published; held by 26 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

Emerging Trends in Applications and Infrastructures for Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, and Systems Biology: Systems and applications (Elsevier)
6 editions published; held by 7 WorldCat member libraries worldwide.

and many others - see

HIGHLY CITED PAPERS (a small subset)

The list below includes a small subset of papers published in the proceedings of this congress.
These papers have received a high citation by others in their respective fields.

700 citations to: QoS Support in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Survey
Dazhi Chen, Pramod K. Varshney

680 citations to: A Survey of Face Recognition Techniques (Extended)
Rabia Jafri, Hamid R. Arabnia

644 citations to: Energy-efficient Management of Data Center Resources for Cloud Computing: A vision, architectural elements, and open challenges
Rajkumar Buyya, Anton Beloglazov, Jemal H. Abawajy

585 citations to: The Class Imbalance Problem: Significance and Strategies
Nathalie Japkowicz

419 citations to: An Economy Driven Resource Management Architecture for Global Computational Power Grids
Rajkumar Buyya, David Abramson, Jonathan Giddy

356 citations to: Adapting Particle Swarm Optimization to Dynamic Environments
Anthony Jack Carlisle, Gerry V. Dozier

356 citations to: Prevention of Cooperative Black Hole Attack in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Sanjay Ramaswamy, Huirong Fu, Manohar Sreekantaradhya, John Dixon, Kendall E. Nygard

304 citations to: An Indoor Bluetooth-Based Positioning System: Concept, Implementation and Experimental Evaluation
Silke Feldmann, Kyandoghere Kyamakya, Ana Zapater, Zighuo Lue

233 citations to: Building a Sensor Ontology: A Practical Approach Leveraging ISO and OGC Models

David J. Russomanno, Cartik R. Kothari, Omoju A. Thomas

219 citations to: A Deadline and Budget Constrained Cost-Time Optimisation Algorithm for Scheduling Task Farming Applications on Global Grids
Rajkumar Buyya, M. Manzur Murshed

212 citations to: Runtime Assurance Based On Formal Specifications
Insup Lee, Sampath Kannan, Moonjoo Kim, Oleg Sokolsky, Mahesh Viswanathan

239 citations to: Cluster Validity Measurement Techniques
Csaba Legany, Sandor Juhasz, Attila Babos

195 citations to: Folk Music Classification Using Hidden Markov Models
Wei Koong Chai, Barry L. Vercoe

178 citations to: Alchemi: A .NET-based Enterprise Grid Computing System
Akshay Luther, Rajkumar Buyya, Rajiv Ranjan, Srikumar Venugopal

187 citations to: MPEG Video Encryption in Real-time Using Secret Key Cryptography
Changgui Shi, Sheng-Yih Wang, Bharat K. Bhargava

176 citations to: Towards Realistic Million-Node Internet Simulation
James H. Cowie, Hongbo Liu, Jason Liu, David M. Nicol, Andrew T. Ogielski

154 citations to: An Empirical Comparison of Particle Swarm and Predator Prey Optimisation
Arlindo Silva, Ana Neves, Ernesto Costa

147 citations to: Inductive System Health Monitoring
David L. Iverson

152 citations to: Bayesian Biclustering of Gene Expression Data
Jiajun Gu, Jun S. Liu

There are over 480 other papers published by the congress that have received citations above 50.


As of December 28, 2018, the proceedings of the World Congress in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, & Applied Computing (CSCE) have received 29,780 citations (includes 3,508 self-citations). Citation data is obtained from Microsoft Academic Search. The citation data does not even include more than 17,000 other citations to papers published by conferences whose first offerings were initiated by the Congress. The paper acceptance rate for each track has been between 22% and 27% with about 16% of the remaining papers accepted as posters. All such information is published in the printed conference books/proceedings.

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