Invited: Nnenna Christine Martin

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Nnenna Christine

Initiatives & Platforms to Alleviate the Challenges Faced by Researchers and PhD Students in Africa and most Developing Countries
Nnenna Christine Martin
Research Director,
ResearchLink International LLC

Greensboro, North Carolina, USA

Date and time: July 30 (Monday), 2018; 09:10am - 09:30am
    Location: Galleria B-C


The decline in research and scientific production of African universities on a global level is motivated by different factors including poor research infrastructure, poorly-equipped libraries, limited access to new technologies, lack of financing for research, lack of access to good and well equipped labs and lack of funds to publish research in journals and attend conferences to present research. These factors generate accumulative effects and problems in the institutions and for the researchers. The  development  of  innovative practices, initiatives and strategies on an international level for PhD and research studies can have a positive  impact  on  the  quality  of  training  and  developed  research.  Academic and research collaboration is a very valuable tool that not only accelerates the progress but also enhances the quality of the work and extends the repertoire of the partners. Academic collaboration is beneficial to the faculty in learning new teaching tools, and to the students in increasing the breadth of their knowledge and learning different approaches to solving a problem. One of  the  priority objectives  of ResearchLink African Initiative (RAIN) is to  establish  a  permanent  forum  of  cooperation, dialogue, study and  exchanges  between  African research students and researchers, universities and companies in developed countries. Thus, ResearchLink has developed collaboration platforms & initiatives that will be beneficial to, not only researchers from the developing world but to the whole world as well.


Nnenna Christine Martin is the Research Director at ResearchLink International LLC, North Carolina, USA. She received the BSc (Honors) degree in Computer Science from University  of  Venda,  South  Africa and  the MSc   degree   in   Computer   Science   with   Distinction (Cum Laude)  from  North  West  University,  South Africa in 2012 and 2013 respectively. She has  published  several  works  in  several  International  and  National  journals,  and  also  in  several  career  conferences.  Her research interests and  focus includes  Cognitive  Radio  Networks,  Wireless  Mesh  Networks,  Mobile  Ad  Hoc  Networks,  Wireless  Sensor  Networks,  Game Theory,    Green    Networking,    Software    Defined    Networks, Intelligent    Mobile    Agents,  Informatics/Information Systems, Data Mining, Internet    of    Things    and    E-Communications. Most importantly, through her work at ResearchLink International, she is devoted to bringing to the forefront the challenges faced by research/PhD/graduate students in developing countries, and also developing initiatives to alleviate their plight. These initiatives include but not limited to: fostering collaboration between African research students/institutions and researchers, universities and companies in the developed world through funded study scholarships, trainings, research visits, exchange visits, conferences, grants and other opportunities.

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