Congress Opening Speech: Dr. Stacey Franklin Jones

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Stacey Franklin Jones

Thriving in an Increasingly Interdisciplinary World

Dr. Stacey Franklin Jones
Award winning aerospace software engineer, computer scientist, and higher education administrator as Chair, Dean, Provost, Chancellor, and Vice President (multiple institutions)

Date & Time: July 30 (Monday), 2018; 08:50am - 09:10am
Location: Galleria B-C

Our rapidly changing, fiercely competitive, and highly integrated world is nudging innovation in how its learned members prepare to thrive in it.  Where the focus has been primarily on student preparation for performance in the real world, it now more practically extends to definition of a broader unit that will need to rely on all its members to be truly successful.  This exciting presentation by an award winning computer scientist immersed in higher education, explores the concept of Perpetual Pods (or P-Pods™) of units that form, bond around, and focus on specific interdisciplinary interests as a promising approach to respond to an increasingly interdisciplinary world.

An award winning aerospace industry software engineer and computer scientist, Dr. Stacey Franklin Jones has served higher education for nearly two decades in faculty, research scientist, chair, dean, provost, chancellor and numerous vice president roles focused on research and innovation.  Her achievements in engineering innovation date back to her work on beam steering control for AN/APQ-164, the first development and production installation of an electronically scanned antenna (ESA) radar system allowing one radar to perform both automatic terrain following (ATF) and navigation radar functions.  Dr. Jones has taken this experience, managing engineering efforts at technology firms, and that which she acquired in securing, rendering technical performance, and administering more than $100 million in grants and contracts associated with private sector companies and government agencies to include Department of Defense (DOD), Department of Transportation (DOT), National Security Agency (NSA), National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), and Department of Energy to shape the preparation of both undergraduate and graduate students for a rapidly changing and globally competitive world.

Dr. Jones earned her doctorate in computer science from George Washington University – School of Engineering and Applied Science, holds two masters degrees in numerical science and technical management, from The Johns Hopkins University – G.W.C. Whiting School of Engineering, a bachelors degree in mathematics, and has gained supplemental perspectives as an American Council on Education (ACE) Fellow and involvement in several prominent executive leadership programs.
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