Keynote Lecture: Prof. Andrew Ware

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Andrew Ware

Applications of AI: A Pragmatic Perspective

Professor Andrew Ware
Professor of Computing, University of South Wales, UK;

Regional Director of Techno Camps, UK

Date & Time: July 31 (Tuesday), 2018; 05:40pm - 06:30pm
Location: Galleria C

Recent advancement in intelligent system paradigms have been rapid and significant. Moreover, the pace of development shows no sign of abating. We now live in a world where autonomous robots take a lead role in the manufacturing of an almost unmanageable range of products while other such machines provide care for the sick and ageing. In other domains, there is now ongoing testing of autonomous vehicles on our roads and unmanned drones are capable of flying more safely than manned planes. The benefits that the advancements in AI afford humanity seem almost endless.

Set against a backdrop of undeniable achievements there have been stark warnings from eminent scientists such as the late Professor Stephen Hawking highlighting the very real danger of some of the possible intended and unintended misuses of such technology. Moreover, there are still myriad unanswered questions about the legal and ethical ramifications of the use of such systems in everyday life.

The talk will highlight some of the advances made in the area of intelligent systems and investigate the pros and cons of such systems. In short, the talk will seek to inform discussion on whether such systems are friend or foe. The thrust of the talk will however be pragmatic, rather than theoretical, in nature drawing upon the experience of both the presenter and others.


Andrew Ware is Professor of Computing at the University of South Wales in the United Kingdom. His research interest centre on the use of intelligent computer systems to help solve real world problems. Andrew is currently working on AI related projects with a number of industrial and commercial partners that include Tata Steel, National Health Service Wales Informatics Service, and Wye Education.

Professor Ware teaches various computer related courses including artificial intelligence, data mining and computer programming. Moreover, Andrew has successfully supervised more than thirty PhD students and has been an active participant in a number of international research and teaching projects.

Andrew is a Regional Director of Techno Camps, an innovative and ambitious project that seeks to engage young people with computing and its cognate subjects.

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