Tutorial: Prof. Gary M. Weiss and Andrew H. Johnston

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Gary M. Weiss

Terrorists, Hackers, and Criminals: Understanding the Darknet

Prof. Gary M. Weiss* and Andrew H. Johnston**
*Interim Chair, Associate Professor & Director of Wireless Sensor Data Mining (WISDM) Lab, Department of Computer and Information Science, Fordham University, Bronx, New York, USA

**WISDM Lab, Fordham University, Bronx, New York, USA

Date & Time: July 18 (Tuesday), 2017; 04:20pm - 06:00pm
Location: Copper Room


The Darknet is the area of the internet that terrorists, child pornographers, hackers, and insider traders call home. Utilizing technologies like TOR, I2P, and ZeroNet, the darknet’s anonymity and distributed nature make law enforcement operations all but impossible. Likewise, the covert and secretive nature of most sites means that most sites are known only to their users. For those not a part of the underworld, the darknet represents an interesting research opportunity. Otherwise hard-to-find underworld groups roam freely, and there are many opportunities to generate interesting data sets. In this tutorial, we introduce the audience to the different technologies and explore what type of security features are used by the different underworld groups. We will also briefly cover different attacks and potential attacks that could be used to break the security features provided by the different darknet networks. We will also cover some new research that attempts to recognize terrorist content from benign content, and its use as a tool for finding terrorist content on both the darknet and the regular internet. We will discuss how similar models can be made using text, image, and graph mining techniques. This tutorial is suitable for a general audience, but is especially recommended for data scientists, researchers, and cybersecurity practitioners who have an interest in cultivating data from criminal and terrorist enterprises, exploiting anonymity networks, or data mining on such networks.


Gary Weiss - Gary Weiss is an associate professor, and interim department chair, in the Department of Computer and Information Science at Fordham University in New York City. He is the director of the Wireless Sensor Data Mining (WISDM) Lab, which explores how smartphones, smartwatches, and other mobile sensors can be used to support human activity recognition, biometrics, and other sensor-based applications. More recently he has started research on the Darknet and the use of text mining to identify terrorist sentiment. His work is funded by the US National Science Foundation, Google, and several other industry partners. He has published over fifty papers in machine learning and data mining..

Andrew Johnston - Andrew Johnston is with Fordham University's Department of Computer Science and is a member of the Wireless Sensor Data Mining (WISDM) Lab. Andrew specializes in using data mining and artificial intelligence techniques to explore and improve security systems. His recent research has focused on using data mining techniques to create the first gait-based biometric system using a smartwatch. He is a coauthor of "Mobile Biometrics", the first textbook on the topic, scheduled for release in September 2017. Andrew has worked with City of Hope Hospitals, LaQuinta Hotels, Staples, and with the FBI employing a data-driven approach to improving cybersecurity.


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