Invited Lecture: Dr. Taeho Jo

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Taeho Jo

Modification of Machine Learning Algorithms for Text Categorization

Dr. Taeho Jo
Hongik University, Korea

Date & Time: July 19 (Wednesday), 2017; 05:20pm - 06:20pm
Location: Copper Room


This lecture is concerned with the modifications of machine learning algorithms for processing textual data. This lecture discusses symbolic data processing and text classification. The lecture describes the process of encoding texts into tables, string vectors, and graphs as well as numerical vectors as the structured forms. Important methodologies will be discussed for modifying various machine learning algorithms (such as, k nearest neighbor, Naïve Bayes, learning vector quantization, and perceptron). The main objective of this talk is to present improvements to the word classification performance by solving problems such as dimensionality and sparse distribution in encoding textual data into numerical vectors.


Dr. Taeho Jo is currently a faculty member at Hongik University, South Korea. He received his Bachelor degree from Korea University in 1994, his Master’s degree from Pohang University of Science and Technology in 1997, and his PhD degree from University of Ottawa in 2006. His research area spans mainly over text mining, neural networks, machine learning, and information retrieval. He has four year of experience working for industrial organizations and ten years experience of working for academic universities and institutions. His interests include transformational research to product development.

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