Publication & Indexing

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Publication & Indexing

The proceedings will be published in printed conference books (ISBN), imprinted by the American Council on Science and Education, and distributed/published by CSREA (Computer Science Research, Education, and Applications Press). The proceedings will also be made available online. The printed proceedings/books will be available for distribution on site at the conference. The books will be indexed in science databases, including EBSCO (, one of the largest subject index systems, and others. ACM Digital Library is also including the titles into its database ( as well as ProQuest indexing database and others.


In addition to the above, we have arranged two new book series (multiple books in each series); one with Elsevier publishers (Emerging Trends in Computer Science and Applied Computing) and another with Springer publishers (Transactions of Computational Science and Computational Intelligence). After the conference (the process may take 12 to 18 months), a significant number of authors of accepted papers of our congress, will be given the opportunity to submit the extended version of their papers for publication consideration in these books. We anticipate having between 10 and 15 books a year in each of these book series projects. Each book in each series will be subject to Elsevier and Springer science indexing products (which includes: Scopus,; SCI Compendex, Engineering Village,; EMBASE,; and others). For a recent and a very small subset of the books (and journal special issues) that have been published based on the extended versions of many of our congress papers, Click here.

Citation Data:
As of December 31, 2016, the proceedings of the World Congress in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, & Applied Computing have received 27,892 citations (includes 3,346 self-citations). Citation data is obtained from Microsoft Academic Search.  The citation data does not even include more than 15,000 other citations to papers published by conferences whose first offerings were initiated by the Congress. The paper acceptance rate for each track has been between 22% and 27% with about 16% of the remaining papers accepted as posters. All such information is published in the printed conference books/proceedings.